Placeify. Take control of your site’s messaging.

With Placeify, you can place ads, special offers, announcements, and emergency notifications on your website in real time. No web coding or html knowledge is necessary. You just point and click through a series of user-friendly online admin screens.

Secure. Powerful. Fast.

Your secure Placeify account is hosted on our ultra-powerful servers so your web team doesn’t have to do any heavy lifting. In just minutes and you can be up and running placing graphic, text, or rich media messages on your site. You just log in to your password-protected Placeify admin site, upload the message or file you want to display, set key parameters such as link destination and duration of run, and make it live.


With Placeify you can:

  • Control multiple areas on any or all of your site’s pages individually.
  • Customize the number of messages you want to display in each individual area.
  • Track statistics for each unique message to monitor and fine-tune your messaging.
  • Set individual display parameters for each message based on date range, number of views, or number of clicks.

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